Sisters are doing it for themselves!

On Saturday 2nd September, I had the great privilege of working on a shoot at Carola Moon Portraits with these four stunning sisters. 

I provided hair and makeup for two out of the four ladies and had such a giggle in the process. It was such an honour to meet these women. They are all strong, independent women, each with their own story to tell. Their closeness and love for each other was evident, despite all of them living in different areas of the country. Meeting them has taught me that, regardless of how much sisters bicker whilst growing up, the family bond will always be there. I truly hope my own two daughters grow up to be as close as these ladies are. 

The way that Carola photographed these beauties was fabulous. She brought out each of their separate personalities but ensured their closeness was evident at all times too. Glasses of fizz helped keep the giggles going strong and a five hour shoot passed in what felt like a matter of minutes!

I love my work with Carola at her studios and feel so lucky to meet such fabulous people. I can't wait to see the final shots from this shoot. I know they are going to be awesome!!

You can find out more about Carola's work by clicking on Carola Moon Portraits

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